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Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Size: -- sqm

We hold transparency as one of the core social values. When the whole inner culture orbits around transparency, sharing and honesty: inspiration, collaboration and excellence follow. 


This Auditorium is designed to share knowledge in an open and transparent way. 


To highlight this topic visually, we designed rectilinear structures made of semi-transparent upholstered frames. This allows visitors direct views while interacting with the Auditorium whilst fading the view to those just passing by and creating shelter & comfort for those seating inside.


Auditorium Transparency: designed using our collective knowledge, transcending the creativity of a single consciousness.

OMO Auditorium Transparency


Authors: Natalia Shchyra, Jo Farish  
Contributiors & Collaborators: Interior Mebel, StandPoint, Sirius 93, Prostir 86, Design Tour, Pavel Trush, Dmitro Chemriz, Ksenia Sobol, Yulia Boiko, Karina Sidorenko
Photos: Ivan Avdeenko


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